Here at Premier Bet, we like to reward our LOYAL customers. And we love weekends too!

EVERY FRIDAY, we're dropping 100,000 F CFA in CASH at random into eligible customer accounts

Prizes range from 250F CFA to 5,000F CFA. And it’s not a bonus, it’s CASH.

You just need to place a Sport bet or play Casino the week before. It’s that simple.

Then login to your account every Friday and see if you are one of this week's lucky winners.

What is a cash drop ?

Qualify each week by placing a Sport bet or staking real money on Casino or Virtuals

Everyone has an equal chance of winning

The best part is the prize is cash. This means you will not have to meet any wagering requirements

Every week you have a new chance to win so don’t miss out!


1 : CASH DROP ONLINE Description

  • The CASH DROP is a weekly promotion offered by the LONASE and Premier Bet to online betting customers.
  • The LONASE and Premier Bet like to reward loyal customer. Every Friday from the launch of this offer, 100,000 F CFA will be randomly added to online customer accounts.

2 : Duration

  • The following rules are applicable from the 21st of June 2019 until the 31st of August 2019.

3 : Prizes distribution

  • Weekly share of the 100,000 F CFA :
  • Prize N°1 : 250 F CFA randomly credited on 150 Online accounts.
  • Prize N°2 : 500 F CFA randomly credited on 55 Online accounts.
  • Prize N°3 : 5000 F CFA randomly credited on 7 Online accounts.
  • The best part is the prize is cash. This means you will not have to meet any wagering requirements.


  • Any user placing at least 1 bet on is eligible.
  • Regardless of the bet amount or number of bets placed, everyone has an equal chance of winning
  • NB : (1 ticket/user)

5 : Privacy

  • The LONASE will keep all confidential personal customer information of any nature private and therefore will not make them known to any other person or use them for any other purposes.

6 : Draws

  • Every Friday, a random draw will be performed including all customers who have placed at least 1 real money bet in the previous 7 days."
  • The first 7 customers picked will receive 5,000 F CFA each
  • The next 55 customers picked will receive 500 F CFA each
  • The last 150 customers picked will receive 250 F CFA each

7 : Results announcement

  • Draws results will be published on Premier Bet and LONASE Facebook pages

8 : Rules publication

  • CASH DROP rules will be published in the Republic of Senegal official newspaper, on the LONASE official website, and displayed in the LONASE offices.