You can now add your funds with Wari agent

To deposit your fund with Wari, you need to do it through a Wari agent. Provide the Wari agent with
  • Your registered mobile money number (if applicable) or
  • Your Premier Bet ID (for example, 2362080)
  • The amount you want to deposit and
  • Premier Bet merchant code: 447447.

To find out your mobile money number:

If you have registered with us a mobile money number previously then
  • Login to your Premier Bet account
  • Go to your Payment Account and note down the mobile number available there.
    Your registered mobile money number

To find out your Premier Bet ID:

  • Login to your Premier Bet account
  • Your ID is next to your username or in your profile
    Your ID
Once the Wari agent has your details (mobile money number or your Premier Bet ID, the amount you want to deposit, the Premier Bet merchant code of 447447), then the agent will perform the deposit through Wari platform at

By the end of this process the Wari agent will give you a receipt of your deposit and the fund will be added to your Premier Bet balance immediately.